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International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

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IBEW Local 234 provides skilled and knowledgable Electricians to Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Electrical Contractors. In addition, IBEW Local 234 provides skilled and knowledgableInstallers and Technicians for Sound and Communications. IBEW Local 234 operates a California state-registered apprenticeship program to ensure the ongoing availability of trained, qualified workers. The electrical apprenticeship program is 5 years for the Inside (Industrial/Commercial) Electrician and 3 years for the Sound and Communication Installer.

  • Hire Skilled and Knowledegable IBEW Electricians
    IBEW Electricians have the skills and knowledge to make you successful.  IBEW Electricians have access to free on-going education to stay current with various industry certifications and new technologies.
  • Hire Electricians at No Cost
    The IBEW is a job referal service. IBEW Local 234 will provide you with Certified Electricians at no cost. No more advertising, screening, training costs, or membership fees; You can potentially save thousands of dollars each year.  Make a request by 1:30pm for an Electrician to report to the jobsite the next day.
  • Request Foreman or a Special Skill
    Hire a Foreman from our qualified list of Foreman or put in a Speciality Call to request an Electrician with a specific skill or certification.
  • Access to a Workforce
    Hire Electricians when you need them. Have the flexibility to man-up and man-down according to your needs and the needs of the job.
  • Access to Apprentices
    Our Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee assigns State Registered Apprentices to contractors in order to comply with California prevailing wage requirements and train the workforce of tomorrow.
  • Access to Education
    Our Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee provides State Registered Apprenticeship classes, Journeyman upgrade classes, and continuing education classes.
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